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04. Olive Oil Session


Lectures: William Klein (United States of America). Rafael de la Torre (Spain). Montserrat Fitó (Spain). Rosa Lamuela-Raventós (Spain).

Poster Talk Presentations: Fátima Paiva-Martins (Portugal). Rosa María Valls Zamora (Spain). Mª Dolores Luque de Castro (Spain).



A oligomers linked to Alzheimer's disease show altered structure, immunoreactivity and synaptoxicity with low doses of oleocanthal. William Klein (Department of Neurobiology and PHysiology. Northwester University. Evaston, USA).

Bioavailability in humans of olive oil phenolic compounds. Role of the biological metabolites. Rafael de la Torre (Human Pharmacology and Clinical Neurosciences Research Group. IMIM-Hospital del Mar Research Institute. Barcelona, Spain. ciberOBN)

Nutrigenomic effects of Mediterranean diet and olive oil consumption on cardiovascular risk. Montserrat Fitó (Cardiovascular Risk and Nutrition Research Group, URLEC-CARIN. IMIM-Hospital del Mar Research Institute. Barcelona, Spain. ciberOBN)

Oil addition increase anti-inflammatory effects of tomato. Rosa Lamuela-Raventós (Nutrition and Food Science Department. Pharmacy School. University of Barcelona. ciberOBN and RETICS RD06/0045/0003, Instituto de Salud Carlos III. Madrid, Spain)



Synthesis of olive oil phenol glucuronides and biological activity assessment. Fátima Paiva-Martins (Faculty of Sciences. University of Porto. Portugal)

Phenol-enriched olive oil improves endothelial dysfunction in hypertensive patients. Rosa María Valls Zamora (Research Unit on Lipids and Atherosclerosis. Sant Joan University Hospital. IISPV. Rovira i Virgili University. ciberDEM. Reus, Spain)

Olive phenols for enhancement stability of refined oils and improvement metabolism of essential fatty acids. Mª Dolores Luque de Castro (Department of Analytical Chemistry. University of Córdoba. Spain)