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03. Methodologies & Omics Session


Invited Lecture: Judith Rollinger (Austria)

Oral Presentations: Gunter Kuhnle (United Kingdom). Colin Kay (United Kingdom). Sara Tulipani (Spain). Dragan Milenkovic (France). Angel Gil-Izquierdo (Spain).

Poster Talk Presentations: Fulvio Mattivi (Italy). Justin van der Hooft (The Netherlands). Alexandre Perera-Luna (Spain). Giulio Pasinetti (United Kingdom). Helen Kim (United States of America).



In silico prediction of bioactive phytochemicals: Expectations, realities and Examples. Judith Rollinger (Institute of Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy. Center for Molecular Biosciences. Innsbruck, Austria)



Comprehensive review of biomarkers for nutritional assessment. Gunter Kuhnle (Department of Food & Nutritional Sciences. University of Reading. United Kingdom)

Development of a method for the quantification of anthocyanins, their degradation products and putative metabolites from human matrices. Colin Kay (Department of Nutrition. University of East Anglia. Norwich, United Kingdom)

Metabolomics unveils urinary changes in subjects with metabolic syndrome following 12-week nuts consumption. Sara Tulipani (Department of Nutrition and Food Science. Pharmacy Faculty. University of Barcelona. Spain)

Modulation of expression of miRNA by polyphenols: potential new molecular target underlying theirs health effects. Dragan Milenkovic (Human Nutriiton Unit. Centre Clermont-Ferrand-Theix. INRA. St Genès Champanelle, France)

Citrus juice intake affects to the metabolites of steroid biosynthesis pathway of healthy volunteers by metabolomics. Angel Gil-Izquierdo (Food Science and Tehcnology Department.CEBAS-CSIC. Murcia, Spain)


A targeted metabolomics method for quantification in a single run of multiple classes of phenolics in fruit. Fulvio Mattivi (IASMA-Edmund Mach Foundation. S. Michele All'Adige, Italy)

Systematic structural elucidation of polyphenols and their intact man-made products: Precise identification of phenolic conjugates at micromolar levels. Justin van der Hooft (Laboratory of Biochemistry. Wageningen University. The Netherlands)

A new computational assisted bioinformatics workflow to identify polyphenols biotransformation markers on LC-MS based nutrimetabolomics studies. Alexandre Perera-Luna (Dep. ESAII. Centre for Biomedical Engineering Research. Technical University of Catalonia, UPC. CIBER Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine. Barcelona, Spain)

The role of nutri-epigenetics and personalized medicine in polyphenol rich dietary lifestyle choices in Alzheimer's disease. Giulio Pasinetti (Mount Sinai School of Medicine. New York, USA)

LC-MS/MS of grape seed extract metabolites in a rodent model of menopause. Helen Kim (Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. University of Alabama. Birmingham, USA)