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The University of Barcelona has officially opened enrollment for the third edition of the EIT Health Innovating the Joy of Eating for Healthy Ageing (INJOY) Summer School.


INJOY focuses on the importance of living better, not just living longer.
Nutrition over the lifespan plays a direct role in age-related decline, marked by poor nutritional status, reduced intrinsic capacity and increased vulnerability to adverse health outcomes. The increased number of years living in these vulnerable states can lead to institutionalisation and hospitalisation, placing an enormous burden on healthcare systems.



Highlighting nutritional status and dietary quality as pathways to improved intrinsic capacity has the potential to shift care from disease-centered to function-centered paradigms. Not only does this allow seniors to enjoy personalised nutrition-based therapy from the home, but it also reduces costs and pressure on public healthcare. INJOY brings nutrition care home by pairing the joyful aspects of eating with the nutritional profiles fundamental to health and longevity.
Through in-depth workshops highlighting intrinsic capacity, frailty prevention, and enhanced functionality, INJOY exploits nutrition as prevention by targeting independence and functional autonomy, rather than merely preventing disease.
Research suggests that healthy dietary patterns such as the Mediterranean and Nordic patterns not only promote improved functionality, but also preserve culinary tradition, joyful eating and healthy lifestyle behaviors. By bridging the gap between science and business, INJOY students develop the skills to create novel health applications and citizen-centric approaches for modifying behaviour.
INJOY empowers entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators to develop the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed for creating solutions, products, and services which support healthy ageing, functionality and longevity. Students explore nutrition, intrinsic capacity, frailty, dietary patterns, texture modification, food innovation, and the joy of eating for therapeutic nutrition as preventative care at home. Through scientific lectures, food workshops, practical business sessions, site visits, and influencer talks students refine their skills in identifying ideas, assessing opportunities, and developing sustainable business models promoting healthy living.

Over the 10-day “learn-by-doing” training, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, and experts unite from across Europe in creating a dynamic and creative learning environment rich with experimental workshops, team-building activities, gastronomic excursions, hands-on design, collaborative projects, real-world case studies, networking events, coaching sessions and mentorship. Leading scientists and experts in nutrition research share the most-recent data, recommendations, and initiatives aimed at modifying dietary behavior as a way of promoting healthy ageing. The result creates an engaging, experimental and reflective learning environment which empowers students to create novel business solutions.
Working in entrepreneurial teams, students receive inputs on how to validate an idea and structure an opportunity. The final day of the training culminates in a pitching day where students present their entrepreneurial project business models and receive feedback from a panel of experts.
The INJOY Summer School 2020 has been awarded funding from EIT Health which is supported by EIT, a body of the European Union. The INJOY partnership includes the University of Barcelona, Université Grenoble Alpes, Abbott, Nestlé, CIBERFES, and University of Reading.



Applications will be evaluated in each round of admissions and applicants will be notified on a rolling basis. Therefore, the later admission deadlines may close early if all seats have been filled. Updates will be posted on this website.

Deadline for Applications:

  • Available soon

 Dates of Summer School: 22 June to 01 July in Barcelona, Spain




Entrepreneurs, do you have an idea for a new business related to food and health?


Intrapreneurs, do you have an idea for a new product from within your company?


The INJOY Summer School is for entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovators, students, and researchers interested in creating products and services to empower citizens to eat nourishing foods which support healthy ageing. Students will pitch a solution aimed at helping consumers modify eating behaviour to support healthy ageing. The program walks participants through the steps from idea to Business Model.




We solicit individuals with a minimum BSc degree, from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds interested in empowering citizens to improve health with nutrition.


Applicants should have a fluent level of English and basic computer skills.




INJOY collaboration is an interdisciplinary collaboration merging the sectors of food innovation, technology, nutrition science, public health, gastronomy, business, economics and gerontology.


The aim of INJOY is three-fold structured:

  • Increase awareness of the foods, dietary patterns, and behaviours associated with frailty prevention, healthy living and active ageing by cultivating collaboration among leading experts from the scientific, medical, industrial, entrepreneurial, innovative and financial sectors of Europe.
  • Empower a new generation of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and innovators highly trained in translating the science of nutrition into citizen-centric health applications, products and services designed to modify dietary behaviour and foster healthy ageing.
  • Provide the tools necessary to identify opportunities and challenges in the market, and design business models that are innovative, consistent and potentially fruitful.




As life expectancy increases, the need to develop solutions to challenges in

nutrition for prevention and healthy ageing has emerged.


INJOY students will:

  • Discover the emerging market of technologies, devices, tools, products and services related to empowering the consumers to self-manage health.
  • Identify how dietary modification can promote increased independence and autonomy in ageing.
  • Explore the role of dietary pattern models as potential tools for behaviour change and age-related decline.
  • Engage in critical, creative and entrepreneurial thought processes aimed at developing ideas and evaluating business opportunities.
  • Discover the tools, models and the learning pathways to succeed in taking an idea from inception to a sustainable business model
  • Identify ways to secure funding on the road to market for the new ventures related to health applications fostering dietary modification for healthy living and active ageing.
  • Network, collaborate, ask questions and form connections with like-minded students and entrepreneurs in the food and health sectors.










The 10-day training, excursions, workshops and pitching sessions will be conducted in English.




The summer school includes educational activities including:

  • 8 ECTS credit points from the University of Barcelona “Curs Superior Universitari” (High Course University) program
  • Educational training focused on citizen-centric management of care at home through the focus on intrinsic capacity dietary modification
  • The current paradigm shift from disease-focused to functionality-focused care for healthy ageing
  • Lectures and panel discussions led by industry leaders, nutrition experts, entrepreneurs, and health experts from across Europe
  • Hands-on workshops designed to implement ideas into action and collaborations
  • Excursions to innovative culinary centres or businesses within Barcelona
  • Entrepreneurial working groups designed to encourage collaboration, brainstorming, and transformation of ideas into a solid business model for success
  • E-Learning Basic Nutrition online pre-course designed to level-up background knowledge in food and health
  • Final competition and awards event designed to give students the opportunity to pitch projects and receive feedback from a panel of experts, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs 




Food and Nutrition Themes

✓  Challenges in Frailty and Eating for Healthy Ageing

✓  Foods for Healthy Ageing

✓  Dietary Patterns: The New Gold Standard

✓  Innovating How We Eat: Behaviours and habits

✓  Innovating What We Eat: Foods & Products

✓  From Nutrition Science to Business


Entrepreneur and Innovation Themes

✓  Environment: Understanding Contexts & Trends

✓  Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Opportunities, Technology & Creativity

✓  Turning Ideas into Business Models

✓  The Road to Market & Value Proposition

✓  Financial Planning for Startups

✓  Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Negotiation





Most of the INJOY Summer School training days take place between 9:00 and 20:00, with the exception of the opening and closing days. Students are expected to be on campus and participate in all activities and teaching sessions during the training period.


More information about the timing and curriculum will be available in the coming weeks.






Find more in the INJOY YOUTUBE Channel



Innovating the Joy of Eating for Health Ageing (INJOY) offers 8 ECTS credits, and is an official course of the University of Barcelona.


Enrolment fee for the INJOY course     -  AVAILABLE SOON -

The INJOY Summer School 2020 has been awarded funding from EIT Health which is supported by EIT, a body of the European Union. The tuition fees for the program are subsidized due to the generous financial support of EIT Health and the following INJOY partners: University of Barcelona, Université Grenoble Alpes, Abbott, Nestlé, CIBERFES, and University of Reading.

EIT Health is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) established by the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT), an independent EU body set up in 2008 to promote innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe.
EIT Health brings together leading healthcare companies across multiple industry sectors, public and private research centres, and top universities, to create a powerful network of partners with a clear mission: to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing by providing Europe’s top talents with new opportunities and resources, for the benefit of all citizens.


INJOY EIT Health Summer School will be awarding grants to a select number of students. These grants can be applied only to housing costs at the University of Barcelona Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat dormitory facilities.

See How to Apply section for more details as to the selection criteria.


INJOY students have the option of booking a room at the University of Barcelona Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat dormitory.  The Penyafort is a college campus dormitory which is home to UB students year-round.

These rooms are conveniently located across the street from the INJOY training sessions. There is a campus dining cafeteria located on the main floor which will be available to INJOY students.

There are single and double rooms available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students interested in reserving a room must indicate their preferred housing options on the application.


Invited students will be directed as to the procedure for booking rooms, once accepted to the program.

Single Room with Half Board at the University of Barcelona campus Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat:

Includes single bed in private room for 9 nights
Includes breakfast and lunch at the Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat student dining hall for nine days of the training

Double Room with Half Board at the University of Barcelona campus Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat:

Includes shared room with 2 single beds for 9 nights
Includes breakfast and lunch at the Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat student dining hall for nine days of the training
Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat housing is a student residence shared with UB students and guests of the university. Therefore, these facilities will not be private to INJOY students. For more information about the accommodations at the Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat please consult their website here

Room types are based on availability and not guaranteed.


For students staying at the University of Barcelona Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat on-site dormitory, the Half Board Package includes breakfast.

Lunches for 9 days are included for all students.

If you have specific dietary needs, please get in touch with us at the time of booking.



Students are required to pay enrollment fees within 14 days of receiving official confirmation of acceptance via email.

The final day for all student payments is 30 April 2020

Accepted students are required to send confirmation of payment to the following email address:


In the event of cancelation, the enrollment fee will not be refunded.


Given that EIT Health is a publicly-funded activity, INJOY shares photo and video footage of the training with the public. All INJOY participants will be required to sign a documentation waiver related to the image authorization for the dissemination of photo and video footage for online and print materials related to this event.


Transports from the airport or train stations to the University of Barcelona are not included as part of the tuition and fees, and should be arranged by students.

Excursions which are part of the 10-day curriculum of the INJOY training are included for all students.


We recommend allowing approximately one hour from the airport to the university depending on mode of transport.

The INJOY EIT Health Summer School will be hosted in the faculty of pharmacy of the University of Barcelona,
Av.Diagonal, 643 / Av.Joan XXIII, 27-31
08028 Barcelona


For information about the city of Barcelona visit the visitor’s website found here:

Students should be aware of pick-pockets in areas of high traffic and touristic sights. Please keep all your personal belongings with you at all times and maintain vigilance in visiting sites of the city. The University of Barcelona is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.




The 2020 INJOY EIT Health Summer School will be accepting between 30 and 35 students. The selection committee will be evaluating applications based on student experience, academic performance, CV, diverse student profiles and motivational statement. Enrolment in the program is not guaranteed.

There are no specific prerequisites for the program other than having a minimum BSc degree and high proficiency in English. Students without background knowledge of basic nutrition concepts will be required to take a free online pre-course provided by the INJOY Summer School.
Acceptance to the INJOY program does not confer any right to admission to any other University of Barcelona programs.




The aim of the Selection Committee is to select a group of students from diverse educational and career backgrounds, who are highly motivated and interested in finding creative solutions to problems. The multidisciplinary panel will use current guidelines to minimise gender, age and nationality biases.

We are looking for students whose goals align with those of the INJOY summer school. Student applications will be evaluated including outstanding educational performance and professional experience as criteria for selection. The Committee will evaluate the applicant motivational statement and application as a way of gauging interest, fit with the course objectives, and plans for how students will translate the course concepts into practice.


INJOY EIT Health Summer School will be awarding grants to a select number of students. These grants can be applied only to housing costs at the University of Barcelona Col·legis Major Penyafort-Montserrat dining and housing facilities.

Grants will be awarded to a select number of students who submit an outstanding application or strong motivational statement.

Grant funding is limited. Due to the fact that INJOY is accepting students on a rolling basis, grant funding may be exhausted before the end date of the admissions period. Therefore, students interested in applying to the program and receiving a grant for housing should apply as early as possible.



This link will take you to the online application form.  You can not save this form, therefore we recommend preparing the contents in advance and entering the text into the form just before submitting.  You will also be asked to submit a current version of your CV.

Click here to access the application form for the 2020 INJOY EIT Health Summer School



Have a question about the course or enrolment?  Contact us at